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2nd Biennial Scent Fair LA

The Craft & Folk Art Museum and the Institute of Art and Olfaction present the 2nd Biennial Scent Fair in Los Angeles!

The 2nd Biennial Scent Fair LA is an international celebration of artisan, independent, and experimental scent practices.

The aim is to introduce new audiences to the world of highly conceptual scents. In addition to a curated selection of international, cutting-edge fragrance makers exhibiting and selling their work, the fair will include hands-on workshops presented by The Institute for Art and Olfaction, a keynote talk and panel discussion, and an opening night party.

The fair will take place in our outdoor courtyard and CAFAM Shop.


Curated and produced by: The Institute for Art and Olfaction + Darin Klein
Presented by the Craft & Folk Art Museum


Partners: Scent Bar by Luckyscent, The Perfumer's Studio, and more TBA.


 For more information including info on how to participate, click HERE.

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Preview Party
Friday, November 2 | 7pm - 9pm
General admission: $20 | Advance tickets available HERE

Join us for a preview reception, experience the various offerings at the Scent Fair, and dance to DJ Devendra Banhart’s musical selections. First 30 attendees at the door will receive 5 sample vials of fragrances by 2nd Biennial Scent Fair LA exhibitors.

Fair Hours
Saturday, November 3 & Sunday, November 4 | 11am - 6pm

The 2nd Biennial Scent Fair LA aims to introduce new audiences to the world of highly conceptual scents. In addition to a curated selection of cutting-edge fragrance makers exhibiting and selling their work.

General Admission: $9 Students, teachers, seniors (65+): $7 Institute for Art and Olfaction Members + CAFAM Members: FREE Children under 10: FREE

Perfume-Making Workshops
Saturday, November 3 & Sunday, November 4 | 11:00am
$65.00 per person (includes, workshop materials, entry to fair and museum) Pre-registration required

Join the Institute for Art and Olfaction for a two-hour exploration of scent creation, in a hands-on blending workshop. Participants will smell a selection of important aromatics, and create their own fragrance under the IAO staff’s helpful watch. Each participant leaves with a sample vial of their own scent, a formula, and a deeper understanding of the hows and whats of perfume-creation.

Session 1 | November 3, 11:00am
Session 2 | November 3, 2:30pm
Session 3 | November 4, 11:00am

Keynote Conversation: Mandy Aftel, with Saskia Wilson-Brown
Saturday, November 3 | 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Included with admission (limited seating, first come, first served)

Mandy Aftel is an iconic American perfumer, the brain behind the natural perfume line Aftelier, and the founder of The Aftel Archive of Curious Scents. She is the author of nine books, including four books on natural perfume and a cookbook on essential oils. In this informal and conversational discussion, Mandy will explore her philosophy, her impulse to create, her perfumery practice and her new museum.


Abduction is an eau de parfum inspired by scents described those who report close encounter experiences.

Aether Arts Perfume
Using the chroma of aroma, Aether Arts Perfume creates art in air.

Baruti is a perfume house from Amsterdam that aims to combine novelty with wearability.

Base Camp Press – Provisional Art Space [PAS]
The publishing arm of Provisional Art Space [PAS], Base Camp Press, is an imprint which focuses on scent-based books that are small, portable and easy to share.

Beyond Human
Artist Carla Bengtson collaborates with scientists to develop fragrances by, for, and with nonhuman animals. /

Chatillon Lux
Chatillon Lux is an artisan fragrance house with refreshingly unique fragrances that bridge the gap between history and modernity.

Chris Rusak Perfume
Chris Rusak Perfume creates sophisticated, original fragrances, handmade from high-quality materials in his Los Angeles studio.

For those who know – COGNOSCENTI presents a unique viewpoint in the scented landscape, drawing from classic perfumery of the past and pushing it forward with modern olfactive combinations.

DSH Perfumes
Creating artisan mixed media & natural perfumes and aromatherapy since 1991.

Eau Doom
Eau Doom is a scent board game about ecological apocalypse, in which players play cooperatively to identify and preserve scents before they vanish forever.

Fūm is a Los Angeles based perfume house and purveyor of handcrafted fragrances that embraces life through scent and all the beautiful connections emboldened by olfactive art.

Immortal Perfumes
Immortal Perfumes is a micro-perfumery specializing in historical and literary fragrances.

Jolie Laide Perfume
Jolie Laide Perfume. Imperfections are what captivate us most.

LABdk is dedicated to exploring scent as an artistic medium for emotional triggers, psychological recall and historical connections.
@d_krasofski / @LABdk1

Maison Anonyme
A new form of beauty.

Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny is a synthesis of 3 fragrance initiatives: Manifest Destiny, Intoxicants and Lux Aeterna. Our current focus is a modern interpretation of the mysticism of the ancients via our Ritual Smoke series; conjured in both wax and unisex perfume.

Mythos Aromas
Mythos is a workshop of fantastical fragrances inspired by myth and legend: vintage style classical compositions and natural blends based on historical botany.

Osme Fragrances
OSME celebrates human connection through evocative and compelling scent stories.

Perfumer’s Apprentice presents Scent Trunk
Perfumer’s Apprentice has been a supplier of natural and synthetic fragrance ingredients and an educational resource to fragrance enthusiasts, artisan perfumers and DIY perfume hobbyists since 2004. Now presenting ‘Scent Trunk’: Designing original fragrances for you based on a guided process of discovery.

Phoebe Peacock
Celebrating the Ethereal Art of Scent.

PK Perfumes
An American perfumery house under artisan Perfumer Paul Kiler, PK Perfumes unleashes amazing and adventurous fragrances that celebrate with grace and wonder, creation all around us… Perfumers are missionaries of the Beautiful.
Insta: #pkperfumes

Pomare’s Stolen Perfume
Pomare’s Stolen Perfume Pomare’s Stolen Perfume celebrates our relationship to the natural world through seasonal offerings that feature tinctured botanicals and farmer’s market produce. Each hand poured batch is released with a vintage similar to wine and composed by a sommelier.

Radley Projects
This work is about trespass and sensory exchange across borders, inspired by crossings of the Mexico-US border in Far West Texas and earthy, elemental perfume.

Régime des Fleurs
Régime des Fleurs is a Los Angeles-based meta-luxury art practice turned fragrance brand founded in 2014 by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods.

The Institute for Art and Olfaction
The Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) is a non-profit organization devoted to access, education and experimentation with scent.

Tigerlily Perfumery
Tigerlily Perfumery is a San Francisco brick-and-mortar boutique and online shop dedicated entirely to artisan and niche perfumes, stocking a deep collection of US indies as well as hard-to-find cult favorites from around the world.

Travertine Spa Collection
At Travertine we travel the globe for inspiration, fragrant materials, and academe to create a line of niche fragrances that blend established techniques with modern olfactory science.

Xyrena is a rebellious LA-based fragrance house known for its avant-garde celebrity collaborations and transportive scents like Dark Ride, Shutter, and Cinemaniac which come housed in retro VHS-style cases.